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SciTech Building, Room 330
East Stroudsburg University
East Stroudsburg, PA, 13801

Our research focus is on developing methods and software for the analysis of the data from high throughput genomics projects. Particular interests include the analysis of genome sequences and cis-regulatory sequences, using machine learning, evolutional computation and graph algorithms.

Our current research is focused on two main areas: (1). Comparative Genomics: we are interested in detecting a) DNA regulatory motifs; b) Genomic structures such as operons, uberoperons and genomic islands; and c) Biological network and pathways; and (2). Haplotype, SNP and Disease association: we are investigating machine learning approaches to resolve haplotypes, study single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and their association with diseases.


Sai Vahini Manikonda attained her MS degree. She also has one international conference paper on Genomic island prediction accepted.


Zuqing Li has one international conference paper on Subgraph Isomorphsim accepted.


We are awarded a FDR mini grant to purchase a multi-core workstation to analyze Big Data.